Toyota Mirai Review

From its futuristic, aerodynamic exterior styling to its luxurious, comfortable and quiet interior, we designed every aspect of Mirai to be as innovative as our fuel cell technology.

“Mirai” means “the future” in Japanese, and Toyota’s Mirai is as futuristic a car as any on the road – or the drawing board – today.

The vehicle runs on hydrogen, a fuel extracted from water, and does so efficiently and without the noxious emissions or irksome noises of the internal combustion engines found in traditional vehicles

Powerful, reliable and long-range hydrogen power. That it can go from zero to 50 mph in 9.4 seconds, but with 152 HP it is more than adequate to meet the needs and expectations of the majority of drivers

Zero emissions. The only byproduct of a hydrogen fuel cell is water – or steam. The Mirai is a full zero-emission vehicle. It is also a uniquely quiet vehicle, as its engine is nearly silent

Power-out socket.The Mirai is unique because, unlike electric cars or hybrids which require recharging, the Mirai can be a source of power. The fuel cell produces direct current (DC) but also converts it to alternating current (AC).

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