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If you have non-stock tires installed on your car, you need to understand tire size comparison. You don’t want to purchase new tires only to find out that they don’t fit. Your tires are responsible for many things including, performance, handling, comfort, and driving safety. That’s why we curated these important details to help you choose the right sizes when upgrading your wheels and tires.

Tire Size Conversion Chart

Tires are very important and you should understand their measurements. With a tire size conversion chart, you can figure out the right measurement of a tire. The chart also enables you to know the correct replacement for your car’s original tires.

You should know that no tire size conversion chart can provide you with perfect measurements. However, the correct size depends on factors like wheel size and diameter. If you want to determine how close a match the tread footprint is, the best method is by measuring outside diameters.

You can also ask a dealer to help you with all the required information before purchasing new tires for your car. They are knowledgeable and should be able to advise you.

Tire Size Comparison Examples by Wheel Size

Metric Tire Size Comparison for 14′ Wheels

19’ Tire Diameter105/70R14 = 19.8X4.1R14  
20′ Tire Diameter  115/70R14 = 20.3X4.5R14
125/70R14 = 20.9X4.9R14  
21′ Tire Diameter  165/55R14 = 21.1X6.5R14  
22′ Tire Diameter  135/80R14 = 22.5X5.3R14
165/65R14 = 22.4×6.5R14
185/55R14 = 22×7.3R14
185/60R14 = 22.7×7.3R14
195/55R14 = 22.4×7.7R14
205/50R14 = 22.1×8.1R14
205/55R14 = 22.9×8.1R14
225/50R14 = 22.9×8.9R14  
23′ Tire Diameter  175/65R14 = 23×6.9R14
175/70R14 = 23.6×6.9R14
185/65R14 = 23.5×7.3R14
195/60R14 = 23.2×7.7R14
205/60R14 = 23.7×8.1R14  
24′ Tire Diameter  185/70R14 = 24.2×7.3R14
185/75R14 = 24.9X7.3R14
195/65R14 = 24×7.7R14
195/70R14 = 24.7×7.7R14
215/60R14 = 24.2×8.5R14
225/60R14 = 24.6×8.9R14  
25′ Tire Diameter  185R14 = 25.7×7.3R14
195/75R14 = 25.5×7.7R14
205/70R14 = 25.3×8.1R14
215/70R14 = 25.9×8.5R14
235/60R14 = 25.1×9.3R14
245/60R14 = 25.6×9.6R14  
26′ Tire Diameter  195R14 = 26.2×7.8R14
205/75R14 = 26.1×8.1R14
215/75R14 = 26.7×8.5R14
225/70R14 = 26.4×8.9R14
27′ Tire Diameter  205R14 = 27×8.2R14
28′ Tire Diameter  28X10R14  
30′ Tire Diameter  30X10R14  

Tire Comparison Examples by Tire Diameter

22′ Diameter Tire Size Comparison:

13′ Wheel Size155/80R13 = 22.8×6.1R13
175/70R13 = 22.6×6.9R13
205/60R13 = 22.7×8.1R13
14′ Wheel Size  135/80R14 = 22.5X5.3R14
165/65R14 = 22.4×6.5R14
185/55R14 = 22×7.3R14
185/60R14 = 22.7×7.3R14
195/55R14 = 22.4×7.7R14
205/50R14 = 22.1×8.1R14
205/55R14 = 22.9×8.1R14
225/50R14 = 22.9×8.9R14  
15′ Wheel Size  125/80R15 = 22.9X4.9R15
145/65R15 = 22.4×5.7R15
155/60R15 = 22.3×6.1R15
165/60R15 = 22.8×6.5R15
175/55R15 = 22.6×6.9R15
195/50R15 = 22.7×7.7R15
22X8R15 22.5X4.5R15
245/40R15 = 22.7X9.6R15
275/35R15 = 22.6×10.8R15  
16′ Wheel Size  125/70R16 = 22.9X4.9R16
175/50R16 = 22.9×6.9R16
195/40R16 = 22.1×7.7R16
195/45R16 = 22.9×7.7R16
205/40R16 = 22.5×8.1R16
215/35R16 = 21.9×8.5R16
215/40R16 = 22.8×8.5R16  

How to Check Tire Size

As mentioned earlier, you must understand your tire size conversion chart. This way, you can make correct replacements to your car’s original tires. You can easily check your tire size in the few steps listed below.

Step 1: Check your car’s manual

First of all, you need to check your car’s manual to confirm the size.

Step 2: Check the number on the sidewall of a front tire

You need to compare your tire size with the number on the sidewall of a front tire. For example, say the number on the tire is 220/50R-14, the ‘220’‘225’ describes the tire’s width in millimeters.

The other part of the number sequence, ‘50R’ carries two kinds of information. It means that the sidewall aspect ratio or height is 50% of the tire’s width.

The letter ‘R’ shows that the speed rating of the tire is less than 150mph. The letter for tires rated to run at speeds over 150mph is ‘ZR’.

Step 3: Check wheel size compatibility

The last number ‘14’ indicates the compatible wheel size. This means that the tire is perfect for a wheel with a 14-inch diameter. If you want to figure out the correct size of your rear tires, you will need to follow a similar process.

How Important Are Correct Tire Measurements?

Correct tire measurements are very important. Imagine buying a new pair of shoes only to discover that they are not your size. That’s how it feels when you use the wrong tire measurements when purchasing a replacement for your original car tires.

You must check every single dimension, including width, height, speed rating, and wheel diameter when purchasing a tire. Ensure that these dimensions match your wheel for driving performance and safety. For instance, if you purchase a tire that has the wrong diameter, it will affect speedometer accuracy.

Also, if the height and width are more than the required measurements, it will cause your chassis or car’s body to bump with the road surface. Incorrect tire measurements can affect the wheel speed sensors and cause problems with the anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Ensure that the tires you want to purchase match the recommended tire size by your car’s manufacturer. Once you have done this, you can then go ahead to scan the tire size conversion chart and place an order.


Car tires are extremely important, as they help to ensure smooth running. Choosing the wrong replacement for your original tires can lead to problems and attract expensive repairs. Luckily, the information above will help you avoid this mistake.

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