9 Bad Driving Habits That Are Killing Your Car

Being a good driver does not only mean avoiding accidents. That’s the most important part of it. But honestly, it only makes you a safe driver.

As a good driver, your responsibility does not end at keeping yourself safe. You must also protect your car from harm. If you want to learn how to do that, start by avoiding these nine bad driving habits.

1.    Staying On the Clutch While Driving Uphill

Instead of staying on the clutch when driving uphill, it’s better to use the automatic brake hold system. The reason many drivers use the clutch in this situation is to stay still without completely stopping the car. If your vehicle does not have an automatic brake hold system, use the hand brake.

When you ride on the clutch too much, it will fail. This failure will result in the inability to switch gears.

2.    Resting Your Hand on the Gearstick

It is good practice to keep your hands on the wheel at all times, but do you have to rest on the shifter too? Many drivers develop this bad habit that can cause internal wear. Resting your hand on the gearstick puts additional weight on the bushings of the transmission and synchronizers.

3.    Revving the Engine before It’s Warm

The engine oil needs to warm up before you rev the engine. Cars start from cold, so you must wait for the engine to warm up before setting off. A 10-wait should suffice.

4.    Neglecting to Use the Parking Brake

If you fail to use the parking brake, you will be putting much pressure on the parking pawl, and this can eventually break it. When this happens, the shifter’s ‘P’ will become useless.

5.    Neglecting Warning Lights

Always pay attention and investigate warning lights as soon as possible. You may ignore warnings like “bulb gone” or “washer fluid” until you get an opportunity to stop. But for other signs, you must deal with them instantly. Otherwise, your gearbox may damage, and you will need to make premature repairs.

6.    Overloading Your Car

Avoid overloading your car. If the weight is not required, get rid of it. Too much weight puts a strain on the suspension, brake, and drivetrain. Check your car’s manual for the maximum load weight your vehicle can carry.

7.    Keeping the Tank Almost Empty

If the oil pump is not submerged in enough fuel, it tends to heat up and increase the friction between the engine parts. It’s better to fill your fuel tank instead of going for one gallon or two every time. This way, you will keep your engine cool and healthy.

8.    Keeping the Pressure on the Brake Pedal While Driving Downhill

When driving down a steep road, you may feel the urge to keep your foot on the pedal. Going down a hill isn’t easy, and putting pressure on the brake pedal may seem like an excellent way to slow down at short notice. But instead of doing that, you should shift into a lower gear. This way, the vehicle will slow down without putting pressure on the brake pads and rotors.

9.    Delaying Regular Maintenance

It’s important to maintain your car maintained regularly. If you fail to do so, it may result in a serious problem later and attract expensive repair costs.

Final Thoughts

You may find it challenging to quit a bad driving habit, especially if you are an experienced driver. But you have to stop so that you don’t ruin your car. Our list of nine bad driving habits will help you prevent exorbitant repair bills. If you are guilty of any of these habits, you should stop them.

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