Car Dashboard Warning lights

Driving a car seems exciting. You probably find yourself holding the wheel and cruising on a pleasurable trail. But while at it, you must take a look at your car dashboard warning lights. Knowing the meaning of these signs will go a long way to ensure your car performs optimally and that you have a safe drive. So, here’s a list of warning signs you could come across on your car’s dashboard.

Car Dashboard Symbols and their Meanings

1.    Oil Pressure Light

The oil pump that induces oil to circulate within the engine can go faulty and trigger a warning light. This light comes in red as it is severe. This warning light comes when a faulty pump, oil shortage, and even when oil is overfilled.

It is important to never ignore this warning lightly and act quickly to check your car. Whenever you see this light, check the oil level, find out if it’s from oil shortage and add more to make it go out. If the light persists, go for a proper car checkup, as it may be from more adverse problems.

If you don’t act quickly, it leads to expensive repairs.

2.    Engine Warning Light

Even when you feel your car is normal for a drive, don’t ignore it if this light pops up. Check your car as it may come from an unexpected or future problem with the engine. It could be a faulty sensor or any issue. Check it immediately or go to a garage for proper investigation.

3.    Battery Charge Level Warning Light

When your battery is at a low charge, this light indicates it. It is better to charge up the battery immediately or risk being stranded when on a drive.

4.    Brake System Warning Light

This warning is red and requires serious action. It may appear when the brake fluid level is low and needs topping up, or faulty brake pad wears sensor.

 It can be from a more serious issue with the braking system. If the warning light appears when on a drive, go for an immediate checkup.

5.    Temperature warning light

This warning light shows that the engine is running too hot or inadequate antifreeze in the system. There are lots of reasons this pops up. It could be a leaky radiator or a blocked or broken one. The light can also show when the water pump is faulty.

It can be adverse if the issue is a blown head gasket, which will show a cloud of smoke in the exhaust as evidence. Notwithstanding, some cars may also have another one of these lights, but blue, signifying engine is cold. If you see this red light, stop the car or visit the garage for a checkup as it may lead to engine failure.

6.    Battery charge warning light

This light relates to the battery and charging system. It’s important to act when you see the light, leading to headlights failure. Power steering or the engine itself may stop working.

7.    Seatbelt warning light

This light indicates when passengers haven’t got their seatbelts fastened or weight on without using a seatbelt. It is for Cars that use pressure sensors in the seats and seatbelts.

8.    Door, boot, and bonnet warning lights

This warning light illuminates to show that a door, boot, or bonnet is open or not properly shut.

9.    Low-fuel warning light

 This warning light gives you earning that you should top your fuel or find a fuel station. It pops when you’ve got around 50-70 miles of range and when the amount of fuel in your tank has passed a certain level.

10.  Glow plug warning light (diesel only)

This indication means that there’s something wrong with the glow plug of a diesel-powered vehicle. These plugs turn up the heat, and issues associated with it can bring both early and late combustion- this is usually called knocking. This disrupts the engine by making it sound rough.

It can also deprive you of having a smooth drive, and you shouldn’t neglect it.

11.  Tyre-pressure sensor warning (TPMS)

TPMS monitors the amount of air in the tires. It provides an indication when it observes a decrease. Check up your car when you’re in this warning light because low tire pressures affect braking or go into high speed.

The important thing to do is check and inflate the tire or change the wheel when it concerns a puncture.

12.  Traction-control warning light

A car’s traction-control warning light shows when the wheels lose grip, this is common during rain or snow period.

13.   Hybrid and electric vehicle warning lights

Below is the list of warning lights for electric and hybrid cars. Take note of these warning lights if you own an electrified car:

14.   Pedestrian Alert System Warning Light

The pedestrian alert system is conformed to electric or hybrid cars to make sounds to alert pedestrians of a coming car. If you own this type of car and this light shows, the system is faulty. Act quickly to find out the issue.

15.  Ready to drive warning light

This is also for a hybrid or electric vehicle, which, unlike others, is silent when starting up. It simply informs you that your car is ready to be driven.

16.  Limited power warning light

Sometimes, vehicles run on limited power. Once this warning light shows, the vehicle is running on lack of power. There are several reasons it might happen, so ensure to perform a proper diagnosis when you see this light.

Final Thoughts

These warning signs are important for your safety and efficient car operation. Acquaint yourself with the list above to identify them on your car and know their meaning. This way, you’ll know what to do when any of these signs pop up. 

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